Fuller Brush Electrostatic Carpet Sweeper

Fuller Brush Electrostatic Carpet Sweeper
Item# F-101

Product Description

Tired of lugging out that big vacuum cleaner, then having to find a outlet to plug it in, and then running out of cord halfway across the room JUST to do those quick pick ups, like when company comes over, or the dog,the cat, or the kids, or the spouse knocks over something and makes a mess?

What you need is a lightweight, quiet, non-electric Carpet Sweeper. Perfect for those quick touch-up and small accident jobs.

Natural boar bristle rotor brush gathers everything from dust to ash to paper clips to pet hair and more. Twin dirt collectors empty easily. Can be used on carpeted and hard surface floors. Includes roto brush cleaning comb. Folds flat for easy storage. It measures only 7" wide but it does the work of models twice its size.


Replacement Boar Bristle Rotor Brush for Fuller Sweeper
Fits sweeper above. Carpet sweeper has two brushes, replacement brushes are sold individually. Price for 1 brush.