Chartpak AD Marker Sets

Chartpak AD Marker Sets

Product Description

25 markers in a plastic stand-up rack. Your choice of the following sets.

  • Set A-BASIC:Ultramarine, Prussian Blue, Cobalt Blue, Process Blue, Blue Green, Viridian, Emerald Green, Forest Green, Olive, Yellow Green, Lemon Yellow, Goldenrod, Pale Sepia, Delta Brown, Cadmium Orange, Redwood, Mocha, Burnt Sienna, Cadmium Red, Scarlet, Deep Magenta, Wine Red, Lilac, Violet, Electric Blue.

  • Set E-WARM/COOL GRAYS:Black, Extra Black, Super Black, Basic Gray, Cool Gray 1-10, Warm Gray 1-8, Basic Gray 1-4.

  • Set F-PASTEL:Banana, Brick Red, Lilac, Space Blue, Light Blue, Azure, Aquamarine, Turquoise Green, Pale Lime, Willow Green, Grass Green, Celery, Pale Yellow, Naples Yellow, Light Sand, Desert Tan, Flesh, Sunset Pink, Salmon, Powder Pink, Pink, Mauve, Pale Indigo, Deep Salmon, Purple Iris.

  • Set J-ARCHITECTURAL:Dutch Blue, Process Blue, Slate Green, Dark Olive, Forest Green, Olive, Pale Olive, Chrome Green, Banana, Kraft Brown, Chrome Orange, Redwood, Brick Red, Super Black, Aqua, Light Ivy, Beige, Sane, Purple Sage, Cool Gray 1, Cool Gray 3, Cool Gray 5, Cool Gray 7, Cool Gray 9, Bright Orchid.

  • Set K-ART DIRECTOR:Navy Blue, Process Blue, Blue Green, Forest Green, Olive, Chartreuse, Lemon Yellow, Kraft Brown, Sepia, Chrome Orange, Redwood, Scarlet, Black, Super Black, Electric Blue, Light Green, Beige, Sand, Flesh, Cool Gray 2, Cool Gray 4, Cool Gray 6, Cool Gray 8, Purple Iris, Dark Mint.