Bruynzeel ® Design ® Aquarel Watercolor Pencil 24-Set

Bruynzeel ® Design ®  Aquarel Watercolor Pencil 24-Set
Item# A-8835H24

Product Description

Bruynzeel® Design® Aquarel Watercolor Pencil 24-Set. These watercolor pencils are made from quality materials with Dutch craftmanship. Light cedar wood casings for best sharpening. Pencils are glued in a two part process to ensure casing strength. The core is made from extremely lightfast, select pigments and a liquid wax binder for pure pigmentation, extreme blendability, and no wax bloom. Higher quality binder on Aquarel pencils ensures an effortless breakdown of the pigment when introduced to water. 3.8mm core. Set of 24 includes: Light flesh, flesh, candy pink, carmine, vermillion, permanent orange, lemon yellow, Naples yellow, light green, dark green, emerald, light blue, cobalt blue, Prussian blue, dark violet, red violet, white, light gray, black, mid brown, Havana brown, sanguine, yellow ochre, olive green.

Colors subject to change.