Cast-Iron Miniature Dutch Oven Black Oval with Lid

Cast-Iron Miniature Dutch Oven Black Oval  with Lid
Item# WC-A17525B

Product Description

This miniature version is most commonly used for side dishes and individual servings of stew meats and au grautin potatoes. The ability of the Dutch oven to evenly distribute heat makes it perfect for tenderizing any cut of meat for stews or heavy cassoulets. It is easy to clean, durable, and compatible with standard stovetops, induction ranges, and conventional ovens. Comes with a matching lid to keep in heat and moisture. Black cast-iron pre-seasoned line has been enameled once, in black, which seals the edges, protects against corrision and is a primer. Then the pan undergoes a pre-seasoning treatment, resulting in a soft, grainy matte finish. The pre-seasoned coating makes the oven easy to clean. Lid knob is heat resistant up to 800F.

Oval black cast-iron miniature Dutch oven. 5-1/4" x 4" x 2"