Clorox Hand Sanitizing Spray 500ml 16.9 oz. (12/case)

Clorox Hand Sanitizing Spray 500ml 16.9 oz.  (12/case)
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Product Description

Clorox� Anywhere� brand Hand Sanitizing Spray kills greater than 99.999 percent of FDA TFM required germs within 15 seconds. Meets and exceeds FDA requirements for health care personnel hand wash on human subjects, killing both laboratory strains and clinically isolated strains of microorganism.

Plus it also contains premium emollients, such as glycerin and glycerol monolauate to keep hands moist and soft without leaving them sticky or greasy like gels and lotions can. Unfragranced formula. 71% ethyl alcohol.

Handy 500ml bottle. 12 bottle per case. SOLD BY THE CASE