Hourglass 60 min. 9in High Cherry Finish

Hourglass 60 min. 9in High Cherry Finish
Item# RC-960C

Product Description

This hourglass is held in place within a decorative case featuring artistically turned wooden spindles. The sand flows within an individually handcrafted mouth-blown glass chamber and is accurate to within 60 seconds per hour which is quite remarkable for a 14th century technology. No batteries required!

The glass chamber is made of sturdy 1.5mm glass with a reinforced center funnel. The sand is screened to remove particles too large and too small, then baked completely dry to eliminate any chance for condensation to form. The sand is measured into the glass in a controlled environment, baked a second time, and capped. Case ends and spindles are cut, turned, sanded and finished with a high build lacquer to protect the wood. Open cell foam shock absorbers are inserted into each case end to hold and cushion the glass.

9"h x 5.5" x 5.5"