Pickle Slicer Stainless Steel Blades

Pickle Slicer Stainless Steel Blades
Item# HK-4428
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Product Description

Pickle Slicer Stainless Steel Blades
Chef Harvey's Pickle Slicer for cutting thin, evenly sized pickle slices as garnish and sandwich toppers for a flavor-packed food presentation

Made from stainless steel blades with comfortable plastic handle; sturdy and durable; measures 7-inches

Features 8 razor-sharp blades that cut 7 even slices easily and quickly; easy to use; simply press blades into the pickle and slice the entire length Ideal for slicing both dill or sweet pickles, gherkins, baby cucumbers and carrots, radishes, strawberries, grapes, and other firm veggies and fruit .

Great addition to kitchen utensils and party supplies; compact for easy storage; easy to use and clean; hand wash in warm, soapy water

7" x 1" x 7/8". BLADES: L= 1 1/4".