Scalex PlanWheel xLU2 Measure

Scalex PlanWheel  xLU2 Measure
Item# A-SC00552
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Product Description

Scalex PlanWheel  xLU2 Measure
Designed especially for contractors, estimators, and surveyors. Handles any and all prints. Select any of the 111 common built-in scales or key in up to 19,998 user set-able scales. Calculates square and cubic dimensions for regular areas and volumes. Counter and adder buttons on probe tip count items or add fixed lengths while scaling. Create, store, and retrieve two user-defined scale factors.

Protective case is sold separately (choose the option above)

Computer interface kit sold separately. Connects to any Windows application with XLU2 interface kit, which includes software, an instructional manual, and USB cable.(Sold Separately)