Ambassador Pure Natural Bristle Wood Small Oval Pneumatic 5113

Ambassador  Pure Natural Bristle Wood Small Oval  Pneumatic 5113
Item# LT-150808

Product Description

Ambassador Pure Natura Pneumatic 5113 Pneumatic 5113
A well-made hairbrush can last for years. Hairbrushes with natural boar bristles
have been preferred for centuries.
Each of our Ambassador Hairbrushes has been carefully handcrafted to provide
years of satisfying use. Ambassador Hairbrushes are made from non-endangered
woods , beautifully durable and smooth to the touch. We offer many handle designs
to comfortably fit any hand and an extensive range of brush styles to fit many
hair styling needs - including brushes with wooden , metal and plastic pin
For thick hair we recommend our Pneumatic* Brushes. They are made with the
finest boar bristles available and reinforced with nylon quills. These brushes
can tame the thickest hair while distributing your hairs natural oils.
*Pneumatic pads generally leave 1 hole free in the bristle bed , to allow airflow
to provide the pneumatic action.

Boar bristles distribute the natural oils from their origin at the scalp to the hair ends. Besides adding lustre , brushing with a fine Ambassador Hairbrush protects your hair from the elements , which cause drying and splitting. Putting time aside each day to pamper yourself using a fine Ambassador Hairbrush can add calm and relaxation to a hectic day.