Beyond Gourmet Compostable Drinking Straws 100/pkg

Beyond Gourmet Compostable Drinking Straws  100/pkg
Item# HK-053
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Product Description

Beyond Gourmet's Compostable Drinking Straws add a thoughtful and sustainable option to everyday beverages, smoothies, cocktails, party drinks, and more! The bendable top adds a convenient and comfortable drinking angle to any beverage. Thoughtfully crafted from FDA-approved plant oils and starches (derived mostly from corn), these straws are the perfect pairing for the planet-conscious beverage enthusiast. Measuring 8.25-inches long, they are sturdy and durable (14-degrees to 175-degrees Fahrenheit) and naturally suitable for commercial composting. They produce less waste than using traditional disposable straws without worrisome chemicals they may contain. BPI (Biodegradable Products Institute) certified, these compostable straws go anywhere a thirst needs quenching, while enjoying everyday beverages, entertaining guests, at backyard barbeques, and holiday parties. Made from FDA-approved PLA natural plant-derived oils and starches, Beyond Gourmet]s Compostable Drinking Straws won't rust or corrode, or leach harmful chemicals. They're disposable for easy cleanup and decompose naturally in a commercial compost facility.

Each straw measures 8.25" L 100/pkg.