Candles and Candleholders Closeout!

Candles and Candleholders Closeout!

Tea Light Holder Pewter  Moon and Stars Design

Closeout Price 65% off Reg Price $2.08
Scented Tealight Candles Clear Cups 8/pkg   Snowflake Scent

Closeout Price 50%off Reg Price $2.98
Tealight Candles Plain (Unscented) 10/pkg

Closeout Price 20% off Reg Price $2.00
Happy Birthday Candles

Closeout Price 70%off Reg Price $1.98
Tiki Mask  Candle  Sad Face

Closeout Price 80% off Reg Price $0.99
Tiki Mask Candle Pouting Face

Closeout Price 80%off Reg Price $0.99
Christmas Bear Candle PAIR

Closeout Price 60%off Reg Price $6.50