Funsheet Plus Flat Throw 84" x 100"

Funsheet Plus Flat Throw  84" x 100"
Item# P4-SF80010T

Product Description

A Fluidproof flat Funsheet Throw. this practical throw can be used to protect whatever is underneath from all the rough and tumble of your play whilst looking fantastic and feeling great. Use it in the bedroom, throw it over the sofa or even lay it on the floor, the choice is yours for this versatile sheet. Fluid Proof Breathable, Lightweight, Tough +Tactile, Machine Washable. Seam Free. Made in USA. Have your fun , then just put your sheet in the wash and you are ready to go again in no time! Looka fantastic and really practical. 2-ply, engineered, rubber feel, polyurethane fabric. Flat throw 84in. x 100in.