Maxam All Purpose Tarp 8 x 10

Maxam  All Purpose Tarp 8 x 10

Product Description

  • Made of high-quality woven and coated polyethylene material, this waterproof tarp is super durable and resists wind and rain. Ideal for housing or protecting valuables, including construction materials.
  • Whether it's windy, raining, snowing, or raining, our tarp for tent camping will protect any object from all extreme weather conditions. This is waterproof, UV, tear, mildew, and rot resistant This rain tarp provides camping shelter from wind, rain, or sunlight for campers. It is portable, washable, durable, and reusable. This makes our shade tarp even stronger and better.
  • This outdoor tarp can be used as weather and yard equipment cover. You can use this plastic tarp sheet to cover roofs, boats, pools, outdoor furniture, and much more. I
  • This Product will ignite and burn if brought into contact with an open flame. Suffocation hazard. Do not allow children to play with the tarp.

    Hemmed size: 7'4" x 9'6"