Fantes's Brand Marrow Spoon

Fantes's Brand Marrow Spoon
Item# HK-48022

Product Description

Marrow Spoon is perfect for enjoying all types of bone marrow recipes. Specially designed with dual ends to scoop out marrow and other tasty ingredients from both wide and narrow bones. Whether dining on culinary classics, like Italian osso buco, or grilled marrow bones with rosemary, bulalo from the Philippines, or other sophisticated roasted bone marrow dishes from around the globe, Cousin Mauro's Marrow Spoon makes it easy to enjoy every decadent morsel while maintaining perfect table edicate. Also great for collecting bone marrow for cooking purposes and retrieving delicate meat from crab legs and claws. Its length is perfect for reaching the depths of longer bones. The thinner end scoops from narrow bones while the wider end tackles larger bones, and the offset center allows a secure grip for efficient and comfortable use. Enjoy every decadent nibble while maintaining perfect table etiquette. Complements any dinnerware, flatware or place setting. Made from Japanese stainless steel, Fante's Cousin Mauro's Marrow Spoon is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

9.75" L x .75 W x .75"H