Peachy Clean Cooktop Silicone Scrubber

Peachy Clean Cooktop Silicone Scrubber
Item# HK-8354

Product Description

Peachy Clean Cooktop Silicone Scrubber.

Peachy Clean Cooktop Scrubber is specially designed to clean cooking surfaces without scratching

Proudly made in America from super-soft, scratch-free silicone; durable to withstand hundreds of uses; infused with a light scent of fresh peach

Gently cleans any cooktop without scratching yet scrubs off baked-on mess; use with cooktop cleaner liquids or polishes to maximize results Dries quickly so it won't sour or mildew; stays cleaner than traditional kitchen sponges, scrubbers, and brushes, and is easy to maintain No-odor manufacturer's 3-month warranty (time may vary, depending on usage); wash with soap, shake out excess water, and air dry; also dishwasher safe

4.5 X 2.75 X .75