Precise Heat Countertop Induction Cooker

Precise Heat  Countertop Induction Cooker

Product Description

Precise Heat  Countertop Induction Cooker
Portable Induction Cooktop, 1500W Electric Induction Cooktop with Kids Safety Lock, 8 Power Levels, 9 Temperature Setting Countertop Burner with Timer

8 Power Levels: Quickly choose your desired power from 160W to 1500W, 1500W power to meet your various cooking needs; simmer, deep fry, boil, saute, sear, steam, slow cook and grill with ease. 9 Preset Temperature Levels: Adjustable temperature ranging from 180 F (82 C) to 450 F (232 C); sensitive large touch buttons for ease of use. Induction Cookware Required: Induction stoves rely on cookware to heat, so it's essential to have magnetic bottom cookware with a minimum diameter of 5 inches. The auto-pan detection will shut the unit off automatically after 60 seconds if no cookware, or the incorrect cookware is detected.