Prodyne Prep & Slice Cutting Board Utility Tray Combo

Prodyne Prep & Slice  Cutting Board Utility Tray Combo
Item# PD-BB-16

Product Description

Multi-use clean food prep & carry system, features reversible cutting board nests atop easy carry utility tray.

Great for Bar-B-Q food prep, just use bottom tray to season or marinate steaks, chops, seafood, chicken, etc. Use top cutting board to slice and dice meat, seafood and veggies or shape and season burgers. Easily carry your seasoned feast right to the Bar-B-Q. After cooking place food on cutting board flipped clean side up, or in the tray. Slice meat as desired on cutting board as juices drip into bottom tray, keeping countertops clean.

Also perfect for everyday kitchen use for all cutting board tasks with no countertop mess. Use one side for meat, the otehr side for veggies. Peel, cut and chop fruit, veggies,etc while pushing unwanted peelings out of the way through open slots at each end. Also carve and slice holiday turkey, ham, roasts and more. Measures 18-1/2" x 13-1/4" x 2"deep.