Rothco Backwoods Waxed Canvas Log Carrier

Rothco Backwoods Waxed Canvas Log Carrier
Item# RT-71080-1-2

Product Description

Rothco Backwoods Waxed Canvas Log Carrier
Easily transport cut logs, split wood, and an assortment of branches from the wilderness to your campgrounds with our Backwoods Wax Canvas Log Carrier. The open-end design allows you carry different lengths of wood and can be laid down flat for easier loading. This design also makes it easy to unload logs into a wood box or log rack.

Made from Rothco’s durable heavyweight canvas fabric, this superior material is naturally water-resistant, rugged, and is built for the long haul. These log carrier bags are made of heavy-duty waxed cotton canvas for a handsome and weather-stricken look that can tackle harsh outdoor elements. No one comes close to Rothco’s collection of ultra-premium canvas bags and packs.

The leather trim strap provides additional support throughout the center, ensuring that the firewood remains stacked and secured. Reinforced with box X stitching and brass grommets, the leather-wrapped web handles easily withstand heavy loads. The leather handle wrap offers extra cushioning and comfort as you haul wood to-and-fro.

Whether you are collecting tree limbs and branches for a campfire or transporting split wood inside for a fireplace, the canvas log carrier is built to be used both indoors and outdoors. The weather-resistant wax canvas material can safely be placed onto snow as you load your winter stockpile into the house.

Measuring 38 inch x 28 inch, the firewood carrier is capable of hauling large loads while maintaining a size that is easy to fold for storage. Conveniently hang the log carrier on a hook or tuck it away underneath a firewood rack.