WypAll* X90 Cloths 11.1X16.8 136/box

WypAll* X90 Cloths 11.1X16.8   136/box
Item# KCC-12891

Product Description

High performing wiper, designed to absorb 75% more oil and 35% more water than shop towels or rags. HYDROKNIT* technology combines polyester fiber for softness and oil absorbency, wood fiber for water absorbency and spunbond material for durability. Ideal for heavy wiping, prepping surfaces with solvents and cleaning metal shavings.Cloths deliver great fluid handling to clean wiping applications like never before. Ideal for solvent wiping, printing, paint preparation, food processing and many other clean and dirty applications. Use where you need durability, cleanliness, high fluid capacity and outstanding fluid release. Lasts longer and wipes better, saving money on cleanup and replacement costs. 136 wipes per box.